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Reducing the Risk of C. Difficile Infection in Hospitals through Environmental Cleaning Program

In 2014, an Ontario hospital experienced a facility-wide Clostridium difficile (CDI) infection outbreak.  Further, and suspected of being related to this, nosocomial illnesses had risen significantly behind baseline rates, alarming hospital administrators. To address these problems, improvement initiatives were undertaken … Continue reading

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Disinfected Surfaces – Are they Really Clean?

A recent post on InfectionControl.tips has shed some interesting light on cleaning practices in today’s society. Many of us have our own perspective of what ‘clean’ means, and some perspectives vary drastically from person to person, but science remains the … Continue reading

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The Rise of ‘Phantom Menace’… the Superbug

According to a recent post by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), scientists are warning about the rise of a dangerous superbug they are calling the “phantom menace.” The strains of this bug stem from a family of … Continue reading

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Outbreak of Cyclospora: what you need to know and how to reduce risk of infection

According to CTV News report earlier today, public health officials are warning about an outbreak of Cyclospora infections in Canada, with several dozen cases under investigation. The illnesses began in May and have been reported mostly in Ontario, with a … Continue reading

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Understanding Disinfection Terminology

Disinfectants play a major role in the professional cleaning industry. They are not only used in healthcare settings, but in schools, offices as well as large and small public facilities. However, unlike other cleaning products, disinfectants have their own terms … Continue reading

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