4 Easy Steps to Improve the Life Cycle of Your Floors

Entrance Of Modern Office Building

The appearance of a facility and its entrance is top priority for business owners, as it’s the first impression patrons see when approaching and entering a place of business. Understanding the factors that affect a customers’ first impression and create additional wear-and-tear on your floors can help you to manage and maintain your facilities more efficiently. From the amount of dirt outside that’s being tracked in, to routine maintenance or refinishing, each step is just as important as the next.  Continue reading

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Sustainability and Innovation in Towel & Tissue

AirDryervsPaperTowelSellSheetNAEN-1 (1)Once considered a medical item, towel and tissue has been a staple in the cleaning industry for over 100 years. While being a traditional product, towel and tissue has evolved from an everyday, basic item to an innovative solution for reducing the spread of bacteria, increasing sustainable practices and the development of no-touch hygienic environments.

Dispensers vs. Air Dryers

The great debate! Which is better: paper towels or air dyers? Continue reading

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Disinfected Surfaces – Are they Really Clean?

Every Single Thing Is Clean

A recent post on InfectionControl.tips has shed some interesting light on cleaning practices in today’s society. Many of us have our own perspective of what ‘clean’ means, and some perspectives vary drastically from person to person, but science remains the same: a hard quantified or qualified fact. With this in mind, ask yourself: “If a surface looks clean, is it actually sterile from bacteria and other microorganisms?”

Continue reading

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Choosing the Right Cleaning Equipment With Ease and Confidence

KarcherAs we gear up for the spring season, it’s a good possibility that the effects of the winter weather  can still be seen on your floors. The proper floor cleaning equipment can help to manage the impact any type of weather has on your flooring. There are multiple benefits to picking the right equipment, which include minimizing labour costs, increasing employee wellness, avoiding liabilities from slip and fall accidents and delivering effective floor cleaning, while restoring beauty to your floors. As CleanLink explains, Continue reading

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Restaurant Solutions from Swish? Yes!

Portrait of a young smiling waiter cleaning countertop with sponIn the 13 years we’ve been working closely with restaurant owners, our warewash division specialists continue to be amazed by restaurateurs’ unquenched passion for hospitality and ability to satisfy particular taste buds. In order to harness each of these capabilities, restaurant owners need to rest assured that their restaurant can deliver exceptional Continue reading

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Solutions for Winter-Worn Floors

Intertior EntranceAre you tired of seeing that white powdery residue that salt and deicers leave behind on your flooring? Have your patrons and customers been commenting on that? If left untreated, the residue on the floor makes a facility look unclean and can stain floors and carpets permanently, creating major replacement expenses. There are several specially formulated winter floor cleaning Continue reading

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Why Now is the Time to Buy a Minuteman?

minutemanWith the last few months of winter upon us, maintenance of floors is even more vital for creating a safe and clean environment. You’ve probably been considering the purchase or lease of a commercial floor scrubber to keep your facility in top shape. Picking the right equipment can help to minimize labour costs and deliver effective floor cleaning. With the Minuteman promo Swish is currently offering in Canada, now is the time to do it! Continue reading

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