Commercial Sweepers Crash Course – Part 1: [7 Ways You Save with a Commercial Sweeper]

Knowing that is costs up to $700 to remove a pound of dirt from your facility can help set the priorities when looking for ways to reduce the cost of floor care. And that’s just 1 pound! You are likely dealing with many more – 5, 10, 20, 100 pounds? What if you had a tool that helped prevent all these pounds of dirt from entering your building, would that be a worthwhile investment?

In addition to having to remove dirt, dust and sand that get tracked in, they literally ‘sand’ your floor finish like a 120-grit sandpaper. Now you must add the cost of re-finishing your floors!

It is not surprising that many facility managers and operations managers choose to invest in commercial sweepers. And here is why.

7 Ways a Commercial Sweeper Can Save You Money

A commercial sweeper can start saving you money the moment you put it to use for the first time.

  1. Sweepers used in the parking lots, garages, courtyards and walkways leading to the entrances help prevent the dirt and debris from being tracked inside. A study conducted by Kärcher North America in a hotel in Denver demonstrated a whopping 66% reduction in soil tracked into the lobby in just one week by sweeping walkways daily and sweeping parking lot 80 feet from front door twice.
  2. Sweepers come in various types and sizes – you can choose a sweeper that best meets your specific needs – from manual push sweepers to powered walk-behind sweepers to ride-on sweepers.
  3. Sweepers are useful in warehouse or industrial facilities not only to keep the floors clean, but consequently to reduce the amount of dust in the air and landing on the products.
  4. Sweepers are effective at picking up various types of contaminants commonly found on facility floors – from sand and pebbles to rock salt and leaves to wood chips, metal shavings and paper shreddings.Commercial Sweepers Productivity Gain
  5. Sweepers drastically reduce time-to-clean as compared to push brooms. A 26” manual sweeper can help cut the cleaning time in 4 as compared to a 24” broom. A 34” ride-on sweeper can reduce it to only 9% of the time it would take when cleaning with a push broom.
  6. Sweeping helps take unwanted particles out of the air in your facility (as opposed to lifting them in the air with a broom)
  7. Getting into sweeping requires a very modest investment and delivers significant return by reducing the time to clean, prolonging the life of you most expensive asset – the floor.

If you are looking to improve efficiency of your cleaning operations, reduce time to clean and save money, investing in a sweeper can help you achieve all these goals. And here are 8 things you should consider to select a sweeper that will be best suited for your facility.

Swish team of equipment specialists help customers choose the right machine that will not only meet, but very often exceed your cleaning efficiency expectations. And with SwishTech you have peace of mind knowing that your machine will be serviced by experts when needed or planned.

Now is the great time to invest in a sweeper! Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and you are on your way to cleaning more efficiently, while saving money and time.

About Irina Kem

Irina Kem is the senior director of marketing at Swish, a leading distributor of professional cleaning products, solutions and equipment throughout Canada. Her marketing career in sanitation, distribution and manufacturing spans more than 15 years. She is passionate about promoting safe and effective cleaning solutions and the key role of the sanitation industry in creating cleaner, safer and healthier working and living environments. B2B Marketing | Demand Generation | Digital Marketing for Growth
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