Reduce Your Floor Cleaning Cost by Thousands

Karcher Outside SweeperDid you know that it costs $600-$700 to remove 1 pound of dirt once it’s entered your facility? That’s a substantial amount of money and it might surprise you how quickly it can add up. As ISSA explains, 24 pounds of dirt can be tracked into a facility by only 1,000 people coming through an entrance in a 20-day work month. That quickly adds up to more than $14,400 to remove! Now, imagine if there was a way to reduce the amount of dirt entering your facility…

Solutions to Keep the Dirt Outside

By removing the dirt before it can be tracked inside, your company can save a considerable amount on labour costs. Sweepers and pressure washers are excellent solutions to keep the dirt outside and can even provide duo-purpose equipment opportunities to get more bang-for-your-buck.

Kärcher Sweepers and Pressure Washers

Kärcher can provide the solutions you need. This family owned company has been in the cleaning industry since 1933, and is now the world’s largest manufacturer of cleaning equipment. Kärcher is committed to providing innovative products and offer a large range of sweepers and pressure washers that provide high performance and rugged reliability. From push sweepers to ride on gas, diesel or LPG sweepers: Kärcher provides cleaning equipment for state-of-the-art sweeping. Their range includes machines that can sweep effectively and economically indoors and outdoors. The Kärcher commercial-duty pressure washer is #1 in North America because it saves you money, protects your investment and is easy to use.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Are you intrigued by the possibilities of saving money but not sure if you have the equipment required to clean outside your facility? Our Equipment Specialists are happy to complete an on-site survey to help you determine what type of equipment will work best. They will even discuss the available purchase or leasing options and Planned Maintenance Program so your business can make the right financial choices and provide increased protection for your equipment. It’s estimated that the cost to maintain and repair equipment, without planned maintenance, can exceed twice the amount of the machine purchase price. With a Swish Planned Maintenance Program you will increase and maintain the uptime of your equipment; reduce costly and unproductive downtime and extend the overall life of you equipment.

Our Swish Equipment Specialists will be happy to help you choose the right equipment for your facility and provide you with a proper program to save you money. Contact us today at 1-855-GOSWISH (467-9474) in Canada or 1-800-639-7226 in the US, or visit Products may vary depending on location.

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