Improving Air Quality for Health and Wellness

Business People in HallwaysAir quality is important to everyone’s health and wellness. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranks indoor air pollution among the top 5 environmental risks to public health.  Causes include residual odours, bacteria or viruses, allergens and volatile organic compounds, especially in the hot, humid, summer months. Each of these factors can impact the air quality that your company’s patrons and employees breathe.

It’s important to understand what companies can do to combat the effects of bad air quality and create healthier environments to work in. A study suggests that 40% of time lost from work and 30% of school absences are due to the common cold. By improving your company’s air quality, you can decrease the amount of sick days incurred, improve employee output and increase overall company profits. Good air quality makes a difference for your patrons as well, creating a pleasant, enjoyable and healthier atmosphere.

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends 3 main strategies to address indoor air quality:

  1. Eliminate individual sources of pollution
  2. Improve ventilation
  3. Use air cleaners that remove particles rather than mask them

Swish offers High Performance products that are formulated to eliminate odours, rather than mask them and our Odour Specialists can recommend solutions to help improve air quality in your facility.

For more information, please call our Swish Odour Specialists at 1-855-GOSWISH (467-9474) in Canada or 1-800-639-7226 in the US, or use your online account at Products may vary depending on location.

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