Why Now is the Time to Buy a Minuteman?

minutemanWith the last few months of winter upon us, maintenance of floors is even more vital for creating a safe and clean environment. You’ve probably been considering the purchase or lease of a commercial floor scrubber to keep your facility in top shape. Picking the right equipment can help to minimize labour costs and deliver effective floor cleaning. With the Minuteman promo Swish is currently offering in Canada, now is the time to do it!

Minuteman offers a complete line of high quality, state-of-the-art commercial and industrial maintenance products for today’s cleaning needs. They provide a strong commitment to the environment, innovative solutions and customer driven service and support. As such, they are knowledge leaders in their field and have provided the following recommendations when choosing what type of equipment to purchase or lease:

  1. Assess the job size and scope. Generally speaking, if you have small and medium-sized floors with many obstacles, you’ll likely benefit from a walk-behind type floor scrubber. If, however, your floor area is rather large and you just can’t cover that much ground on foot, you’ll want a ride-on version.
  2. Operator fatigue. The primary benefit of ride-on equipment is the ability to minimize operator fatigue while increasing productivity. Since operators are able to travel faster, they are able to scrub for longer periods and cover more area with a ride-on scrubber.

Once you’ve decided what machine is best for your needs, discover these amazing deals available from Swish for a limited time:

Not sure what product will work for you? Request a demo today and see for yourself how it works. It’s that simple! Offer available in Canada only.

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2 Responses to Why Now is the Time to Buy a Minuteman?

  1. Hi, we have been getting into office cleaning lately and our customers have been requesting a deeper floor cleaning / buffing. We don’t have the equipment to do so currently so we are losing out on opportunities. Most of them only have small areas that would need to be done. A lobby, a few hallways and maybe a kitchen.

    Do you think the (20” Front Runner Floor Machine) would be suitable for this? Also the majority of out employees are women, would they be able to use a machine like this?

    Halifax Cleaning.


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