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Winter Floor Care: 4 Key Steps to Keep Your Floors Looking their Best

Winter weather with snow, slush, salt and ice melt can be extremely rough on your floors. The risk of slips and falls increases too. Maintenance of the entrances and floors is put under additional pressure and can be a big … Continue reading

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The Rise of ‘Phantom Menace’… the Superbug

According to a recent post by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), scientists are warning about the rise of a dangerous superbug they are calling the “phantom menace.” The strains of this bug stem from a family of … Continue reading

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Protect Your People This Cold & Flu Season

Many people come together in your building every day – and, yes, some are sick. You may not realize it, but the costs of cold and flu can quickly add up for your facility. All it takes to spread germs and … Continue reading

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