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Swish Maintenance

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Eliminating Odours at their Source with Bio-Enzymatic Cleaners

Even with the best run cleaning program, there are areas in any facility that are prone to generating foul odours. Whether it is grease accumulation on surfaces in the kitchen, urine smell in the washroom, pet urine smell in a carpeted room, or other odours stemming from untreated organic matter, there are two ways to tackle the problem. One is to use a product that helps mask the odour with a pleasant scent. Or alternatively eliminate the odour by removing its source.

What causes odours?

Many foul odours are generated by organic waste, not properly cleaned. Think of urine stains around the toilets or pet urine dried in the carpet or grease accumulated on the kitchen floor. Well, the latter also presents the risk of slip and fall, but that is a topic for another time. So, to remove organic matter causing the stink safely and rapidly, bio-enzymatic cleaners come in very handy.

What is a bio-enzymatic or bio cleaner?

Bio-enzymatic cleaners work by digesting (consuming) organic matter with the help of safe non-pathogenic bacteria and enzymes. Enzymes are a type of protein produced by the bacteria that act as a catalyst to help break up long, complex waste molecules into smaller, simpler pieces (like water and carbon dioxide), which can then be consumed. Many bio-enzymatic formulations include manufactured enzymes to improve the immediate effect of the cleaner while the bacteria establish themselves. Through these processes organic waste is consumed, eliminating bad smells and unsightly soil and contaminants.

Benefits of bio-enzymatic cleaners for odour elimination

There are multiple benefits of using safer, more effective bio-enzymatic odour counteractants, like Swish® Aromx™ line, to remove the source of an odour versus using a product that just masks a bad smell.

Bio-enzymatic cleaners help eliminate the source of the odour thus minimizing the chance of recurrence. For additional peace of mind choose products that are Green Seal or Ecologo certified, which means they are safer for human health and for the environment.  With good bacteria continuing to work, bio-enzymatic cleaners provide residual cleaning for up to 80 hours after application!

Bio-enzymatic alternatives are available in many categories, including odour eliminators, urinal block cleaners and deodorizers, washroom cleaners, drain maintainers, and de-greasers. These products can be used in both a business setting and at home.

For more information on bio-enzymatic cleaners or to order for work or home, contact us at Swish today. Our experts can help you ensure your spaces are clean and odour-free.

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Safer and Faster Polished Concrete and Terrazzo Floor Restoration: [Never deep strip, deep scrub and refinish your terrazzo floors again!]

Terrazzo and polished concrete continue to be among the most popular flooring substrates due to their durability, longevity and attractive look. However, their maintenance more often than not is a challenge: browning out, deep staining, flaking, grinding process requiring a highly specialized work force and special equipment, need for cost- and labour-intensive deep stripping and refinishing, to name just a few.

A faster, easier, safer and more cost-effective way to polish and maintain terrazzo and polished concrete floors, developed by our manufacturing research and development team, enables you to do it in 3 easy steps.

Swish Terrazzo Care Program - Before and After

Our customers are delighted the most by the following 8 key benefits of the Swish Terrazzo and Concrete Floor Care Program:

  1. Never deep strip, deep scrub and refinish your floors again! You do it one last time before implementing the Swish Terrazzo and Concrete Floor Care Program and never do it again!
  2. No requirement for capital investment or specialized staff. Implement the program using your existing equipment and existing staff with minimal training, provided by the Swish experts.
  3. Simple, fast and easy. With just 3 products (2 of which you only use once) and a set of high-performance double-sided diamond pads, the steps are straightforward and easy to follow.
  4. No need to change your maintenance schedule. Once densifier is applied, you continue with your regular maintenance using our Cleaner-Maintainer-Polish (CMP) in your auto-scrubber and the sheen continues to gradually increase with each use.
  5. Guaranteed clean uniform shine, which increases over time. If higher sheen is desired, just burnish the floor using our double-sided maintenance pad for that extra shine.
  6. Products formulated for high performance to maximize the coverage, extend the life of your terrazzo floors and reduce environmental impact. Diamond flakes in our patented pads are imbedded into the fibers before pads are woven. This technology makes them superior to pads that are just surface-coated. Plus, our double-sided pads deliver instantaneous savings as compared to one-sided pads, reducing the number of pads to use.
  7. Immediate improvement in coefficient of friction and increased traction, minimizing the risk of slip and fall and making your floors safer.
  8. Peace of mind and confidence in the outcome. Swish experts provide on-site training to ensure the program is implemented correctly and work closely with you to adjust it to your specific real-life conditions, giving facility managers peace of mind and confidence in a clean, consistent and uniform shine of their terrazzo and polished concrete floors.

Get started todayrequest your complimentary consultation with Swish here to learn how to achieve cleaner, safer, higher gloss, higher traction terrazzo and polished concrete floors faster.

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Effectively Servicing High-Traffic Restrooms with Tork® PeakServe®

Managing the high-traffic flow through a restroom can be a major challenge. With so many guests visiting the restroom, difficulties can arise with cleaning staff’s ability to keep the restroom clean and maintain adequate supplies to service users. On top of that, maintenance staff still must find enough time to focus on their other important cleaning tasks.

Image result for tork peakserveWell, here’s where the Tork® PeakServe® Continuous™ Hand Towel system can assist your facility in managing restroom flow and getting crowd ready!

PeakServe is a revolutionary towel dispensing system designed for high-traffic restrooms in airports, convention centers, stadiums, and amusement/theme parks. It’s a continuous towel system that uses compressed bundles to provide more towels and less refilling. So, guests readily have product available – getting in and out faster –  and cleaning staff can spend less time servicing dispensers.

Image result for tork peakserveGet Crowd Ready!

Demanding restroom environments pose a myriad of concerns, all which Tork PeakServe can help your facility resolve. It’s not a roll towel, nor a folded towel but a continuous hand towel system offering exceptional capacity for any heavy-traffic restroom.

  • Heavy restroom traffic in a short amount of time

For facilities with vast spikes in restroom traffic, being able to service many guests at peak times is vital. PeakServe offers 250% more hand towels compared to traditional folded towel dispensing systems. This means you can avoid product run outs. PeakServe also keeps guest moving through the restroom with faster dispensing – serving guests in 3 seconds, which is quicker than the drying time of jet air dryers.

  • Overall restroom cleanliness

Research shows that dirty and overcrowded restrooms are the number one issue for guests at high-traffic venues. If your facility is perceived as having an unclean restroom, this can have negative consequences on your facility’s reputation, image and bottom line. With its unique design, PeakServe ensures that there is always a towel available. This frees up maintenance staff to focus on other important cleaning tasks to keep your restroom and overall facility in pristine condition.

  • Strict maintenance schedules

To be as efficient as possible, facility cleaning staff often have set maintenance schedules. This means they don’t have time for frequent traveling back and forth to check restroom paper supplies. With PeakServe, up to 600 more guests can be served between dispenser checks compared to folded towels – allowing maintenance staff to top-up product and refill when its suits them.

  • Limited storage and cleaning cart space

Image result for tork peakserveWhen cleaning staff are servicing restrooms, they include a variety of products on their cleaning cart – paper refills, chemicals, wipers/rags, mops, etc. This means they need to be efficient in what products they carry and store. PeakServe allows maintenance to literally double the towels they carry and reduce the number of trips for additional stock. PeakServe’s continuous towel bundles are compressed by 50% – meaning product takes up less storage and cart space – allowing more room for other necessary service items.

Contact your Swish representative or visit the Swish website to find out more about PeakServe!

Watch the PeakServe in action on the Swish YouTube channel.

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Commercial Sweepers Crash Course – Part 2: [8 Things to Know When Choosing a Sweeper]

There are numerous benefits to having a sweeper in your arsenal, as discussed in Part 1 of our Crash Course on Commercial Sweepers. You start saving money the moment you use your commercial sweeper for the first time – it helps reduce the amount of debris and soil otherwise tracked into the building by up to 66%. This means your staff does not have to remove all that dirt and can focus on other tasks to ensure your facility is safe, clean and makes a great first impression every time.

Download free Sweepers and Vacuumized Sweepers Guide to see how a sweeper can increase your cleaning productivity.

Now that you have made the decision that a sweeper is worth investing in, what should you consider to select a sweeper that will be best for your facility?

    1. The size of the outdoor or indoor space to be cleaned
    2. The type of the areas to be cleaned (outdoor parking lots, indoor garages, outdoor walkways, warehouse aisles, shipping areas, production floor, hallways, etc.)
    3. The amount and type of debris that accumulates on the surface
    4. The level of cleanliness (desired or required)
    5. Manual sweepers are often the most compact, the do not require power source and are easy to operate by pushing the machine to clean paths, halls and sidewalks quickly. Machines with traction drive are ideal from 300 m² (3,200 sq. feet)
    6. Powered walk-behind sweepers produce a powerful sweeping action to pick up litter and fine particles from hard surfaces. They are ideal for small to medium-sized areas. The no-push drive reduces fatigue, making them easier to operate.
    7. Ride-on sweepers are built to withstand harsh outdoor or indoor environments. They are equipped with a large onboard hopper for extended periods of sweeping. Best suited for large industrial facilities, parking lots and parking garages.
    8. Maintenance is key to keeping your sweeper doing its job. It only makes sense to buy from a company that can also provide service (planned maintenance and emergency repairs).

We at Swish help customers like you with both the pre-purchase complimentary sweeper consultation and post-purchase cleaning equipment service to ensure you pick the right sweeper for your facility and it performs at its best at all times.

Now is the great time to invest in a sweeper! Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and you are on your way to cleaning more efficiently, while saving money and time.

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Commercial Sweepers Crash Course – Part 1: [7 Ways You Save with a Commercial Sweeper]

Knowing that is costs up to $700 to remove a pound of dirt from your facility can help set the priorities when looking for ways to reduce the cost of floor care. And that’s just 1 pound! You are likely dealing with many more – 5, 10, 20, 100 pounds? What if you had a tool that helped prevent all these pounds of dirt from entering your building, would that be a worthwhile investment?

In addition to having to remove dirt, dust and sand that get tracked in, they literally ‘sand’ your floor finish like a 120-grit sandpaper. Now you must add the cost of re-finishing your floors!

It is not surprising that many facility managers and operations managers choose to invest in commercial sweepers. And here is why.

7 Ways a Commercial Sweeper Can Save You Money

A commercial sweeper can start saving you money the moment you put it to use for the first time.

  1. Sweepers used in the parking lots, garages, courtyards and walkways leading to the entrances help prevent the dirt and debris from being tracked inside. A study conducted by Kärcher North America in a hotel in Denver demonstrated a whopping 66% reduction in soil tracked into the lobby in just one week by sweeping walkways daily and sweeping parking lot 80 feet from front door twice.
  2. Sweepers come in various types and sizes – you can choose a sweeper that best meets your specific needs – from manual push sweepers to powered walk-behind sweepers to ride-on sweepers.
  3. Sweepers are useful in warehouse or industrial facilities not only to keep the floors clean, but consequently to reduce the amount of dust in the air and landing on the products.
  4. Sweepers are effective at picking up various types of contaminants commonly found on facility floors – from sand and pebbles to rock salt and leaves to wood chips, metal shavings and paper shreddings.Commercial Sweepers Productivity Gain
  5. Sweepers drastically reduce time-to-clean as compared to push brooms. A 26” manual sweeper can help cut the cleaning time in 4 as compared to a 24” broom. A 34” ride-on sweeper can reduce it to only 9% of the time it would take when cleaning with a push broom.
  6. Sweeping helps take unwanted particles out of the air in your facility (as opposed to lifting them in the air with a broom)
  7. Getting into sweeping requires a very modest investment and delivers significant return by reducing the time to clean, prolonging the life of you most expensive asset – the floor.

If you are looking to improve efficiency of your cleaning operations, reduce time to clean and save money, investing in a sweeper can help you achieve all these goals. And here are 8 things you should consider to select a sweeper that will be best suited for your facility.

Swish team of equipment specialists help customers choose the right machine that will not only meet, but very often exceed your cleaning efficiency expectations. And with SwishTech you have peace of mind knowing that your machine will be serviced by experts when needed or planned.

Now is the great time to invest in a sweeper! Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and you are on your way to cleaning more efficiently, while saving money and time.

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Reducing the Risk of C. Difficile Infection in Hospitals through Environmental Cleaning Program

In 2014, an Ontario hospital experienced a facility-wide Clostridium difficile (CDI) infection outbreak.  Further, and suspected of being related to this, nosocomial illnesses had risen significantly behind baseline rates, alarming hospital administrators. To address these problems, improvement initiatives were undertaken with a special focus on, what the hospital termed, “environmental cleaning.”

Image result for clean hospital

This is where Swish was brought in.  Swish is one of the oldest and largest providers of cleaning solutions and equipment in Canada.

Swish cleaning experts were asked to assess the current cleaning processes, products, and procedures in the hospital and provide solutions to help improve cleaning results.  The ultimate goals: help reduce the number of CDI infections, as well as help lower the incidences of nosocomial illnesses.

The first step the Swish experts took was an initial assessment of the current cleaning processes.  They found that a one-step cleaning and disinfecting procedure was in place.  This, it was concluded, was a key contributor in the CDI/nosocomial infection spike.  Why this is a problem will be explained later.

Further, tests were conducted using an adenosine triphosphate (ATP) monitoring system. These tests indicated a lack of efficacy (cleaning effectiveness) in the current cleaning processes.

For instance, the ATP tests revealed counts of between 300 to as high as 1000 ATP units on high-touch hospital surfaces such as wheelchairs, bed tables, bed rails, mattresses and toilets.  These numbers were dangerously high and likely a major reason for the CDI and nosocomial infections the hospital was experiencing.

PCS 5000 Oxidizing Disinfectant/Disinfectant Cleaner RTU


Looking for Solutions

Upon completion of the initial cleaning process assessment, the Swish cleaning experts  recommended the hospital switch to a two-step cleaning and disinfecting process using two specific products, PCS ECOgent® Stabilized Bleach Cleaner and PCS 5000 Oxidizing Disinfectant.

By using these products and separating cleaning and disinfecting into two tasks, Swish experts explained to hospital administrators the following:

  • Cleaning efficacy would increase significantly
  • Cleaning surfaces prior to disinfecting would increase the disinfectant’s ability to make direct contact with C. diff. bacteria, allowing for more effective disinfecting results
  • With these products and processes in place, other forms of bacteria and germs that might be causing the increase in nosocomial illnesses would also be killed and their threat eliminated

To further ensure the effectiveness of the products and program, an extensive, hands-on training and communication program was provided by Swish for housekeeping personnel.


After an eight-month trial of the products and cleaning procedures recommended, a follow-up assessment was completed. The following was uncovered:

  • Using the two-step cleaning and disinfecting process, post-cleaning ATP readings were consistently under 50 units. These are far safer readings than before.
  • Overall, the hospital experienced a 64 percent decrease in CDI cases by adopting the new process.
  • The nosocomial infection rate was also reduced, bringing the rate closer to baseline infection rates.

“What is most significant,” says Steve Everson, Infection Control Expert for Swish, is the role cleaning had in turning things around.  It proves once again that effective cleaning with the right tools and products does help protect public health.”

For more information on infection prevention and environmental cleaning programs contact a Swish representative today.


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